Grayson County CAD Wildlife Tax Valuation Request

Grayson County CAD Request

Landowner: I saw your web page and interested in finding out more.
My county, Grayson County, seems to be requiring me to provide, as they state, “a formal recommendation from a regulatory wildlife biologist” and provide signature at the end of the 1-d-1 form from the wildlife consultant preparing the plan. Are you considered a “regulatory wildlife biologist?” and can you provide the formal recommendation. I assume it is included in the management plan that you provide and provide signature on the filled in 1-d-1? I have about 35 acres in Grayson County that was recently purchased (late laste year) and has been ag exempt for many years.

The property has 5 acres that are currently in hay production, which I plan to continue baling. Another 2 acres are residential use and the rest is thickly wooded with a small creek, small pond, and fenced all around the permimer, using a combination barbed wire and field fence. I believe the wooded areas were grazed at one time, but I want to use them for habitat for deer and other wldlife. I am planning to meet with the tax appraiser next week and would like to find out if you can provide their requested items in time for me to submit the 1-d-1 by April 30. Thanks. A county appraisal district (CAD), including the Grayson County CAD, can request a “formal recommendation from a regulatory biologist,” but it’s not legally required in Texas. Based on the wildlife management use rules for maintaining an ag tax valuation, even a landowner has the right to prepare and submit a management plan themselves, although admittedly this is more than most property owners are willing to undertake. So, Grayson County can ask for the “recommendation,” but they can not legally deny your plan if you do not submit one with your management plan that meets all requirements.

Furthermore, all regulatory biologists work for state or federal agencies, i.e. regulatory biologist make hunting, fishing and environmental regulations. In short, the Grayson County CAD wants you to contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) so that you can get a statement/letter from them stating that the management practices that you implement on your property are sound. This is simply a hoop that many appraisal districts make property owners jump through, knowingly or otherwise, but a landowner is not required to specifically contact a state or federal regulatory wildlife biologist.

We develop management plans for the wildlife management use valuation for private landowners throughout Texas. We likely charge the lowest rate for customized wildlife management plans that will allow your property to qualify for wildlife use and maintain the ag valuation tax rate. We provide the most economical wildlife exemption plans, but it is important to note that we do not represent property owners to the appraisal district nor do we file your plan for you.

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