Wildlife Management Plan for Tax Exemption

Wildlife Management Plans in Texas

A wildlife exemption management plan must be submitted to the appraisal district in the county in which your property is found to qualify for a wildlife valuation. A written wildlife management plan is not just a requirement of your application, but the management plan will serve to guide you, as well as the appraisal district, in the management of the habitat and associated wildlife.

A county appraisal district will not grant you a wildlife exemption (valuation) unless a formal, written plan outlining at least the three wildlife management practices you will implement on your land is filed.

Developing a Sound Management Plan

But don’t worry, this is where we can help you. We understand that developing an acceptable management plan can be difficult for landowners that do not have a background in biological sciences or an understanding of the many habitat management practices that can be used to manage a piece of property. Many landowners become overwhelmed when they realize that they must develop an effective management plan to submit to the appraisal district. Not only does the lay person lack the knowledge of common habitat management practices, but they may not know which practices are applicable to their land.

It is usually at this point that landowners look for professional help. However, after being quoted prices that range from $1,500 to $2,000 for a management plan, the benefits of the wildlife exemption start to fade for the small acreage landowner. Sure, the tax advantages of an wildlife valuation can be realized on larger properties even after paying several thousand dollars, but why do that when we can deliver professional, customized management plans for just pennies on the dollar?

After years of experience, We have streamlined the process of developing wildlife management plans for individual property owners. In short, we have the education, the knowledge, and the experience to develop you a low cost wildlife management plan simply by corresponding with you via email. This keeps our costs down–and your’s, too. Instead of charging you $750 or more for a site visit, we ask that you answer our series of standardized questions. These questions, with additional follow up if necessary, are designed to help us understand more about you, your goals, and your property.

Low Cost Wildlife Exemption Management Plans

We charge a $250 flat fee for a custom wildlife exemption management plan. That’s it. And most landowners understand the value of this service. Our costs is based on the volume of individuals that we can serve in this manner, not on how far we have to drive, the price of gas, or expensive overhead costs. And if that is not enough information to make an informed decision, think about this:

A wildlife exemption allows landowners to eliminate traditional farming and ranching practices on their property while maintaining a low agricutlural tax rate. Ag and wildlife tax rates usually range from $1 to $2 an acre, depending upon county. However, if you lose your ag valuation, the tax rate for your now residentially-taxed acreage can jump up to $30 to $50 an acre. Even on 30 acres, that’s an minimum difference of over $800 annually!

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